Nikolaev, Ukraine

During our annual visit to Nikolaev Orphanage, we decided to take portraits of children so they have professionally made head shots.

We picked one of brightest rooms in the dormitory and had started shooting there, using window light. The atmosphere was fun because kids were surprised that someone is taking their picture. The line up was not ending and we were running out of memory. Everyone was curious why we are taking the photos and when they can see the photos.

Back in Canada we processed the portraits and printed them professionally, after witch the shipment went back to Nikolaev. Vladimir Kotov has proudly delivered portraits to every child and it was definitely one of greatest moments of 2010.

The copy of portraits, framed, can be found in almost every room in the orphanage. We hope they will be a great lasting memory about I Will.

School Portraits for Nikolaev Orphanage #5