Nikolaev Region, Ukraine

During our most recent visit to the Nikolaev orphanage, we witnessed that the I Will Computer Class is extremely popular and very successful, barely surviving the great demand and busy class schedule. We are working on updating class computer peripherals and hardware.

This year, we also took great portraits of the kids at the orphanage. We are printing the portraits here in Canada and sending them out as gifts from I Will.

We also learned that a few of the lucky younger kids have moved from the orphanage to a foster home. To help this huge new family of 11 kids start new life, we visited the foster home and delivered books, encyclopedias, sweets for New Year and a big, brand new refrigerator.

We were deeply touched by the reception – all the kids standing by Christmas Tree in beautiful costumes. They danced, sang and read poems to us in appreciation for I Will’s help. We wish all of our supporters could be there to witness the joy of children being at home instead of an orphanage, where they feel more care and more attention.

All the children in Nikolaev send all I Will supporters their deepest appreciation and THANK YOU!!