Wow, for the past 14 years I Will remained true to the goal of bringing education to less privileged children by giving them the tools - computers and facilities where they can learn. This year, 2016, is truly special - on September 1, 2016 we are launching I Will Code School!!!

The idea is to unite children from all the I Will computer classes from different towns and villages, by challenging them to learn coding. We will have continuous projects for children as well as annual conferences where the top performers can meet and compete. This program is going to be filled with lots of fun events and, of course, prizes! 

How happy the I Will team is to report back to you, our long term supporters, that I Will continues to expand its meaningful impact to so many children! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

Special thank you for Olena Mosina, the I Will Code School volunteer and organizer!

Here is the preview of I Will Code School site, stay tuned!