Merry Christmas I Will Family and Friends!  

Christams Eve Magic - I Will 10th Computer Class is officially opened!

At Christmast Eve, as planned, the special event took place - with dancing and singing and presentation of children's wonderful art,  the 10th I Will computer class opened its doors!

Thank you all of you for giving the important base for childrens education -  your help will give the opportunity to learn programming, make computer games, animation and websites. Because of the access to the technology, chilren will be able to learn coding skills and improve critical thinking and problem solving. Chilren will have skills that are necessary for their successfull self realization and productive future. Thank you for your jenerousity!


December 14, 2015, Toronto

Seasons Greetings! I Will supporters - we are very happy to announce that the preparation work for I Will 10th Computer Class is almost completed! Hundreds of children will be able to take computer lessons to learn new skills and to be on their way to a successful future, because of you. On December 24th, Christmas Eve, the magic will happen - we will officially open the doors to I Will Computer class number 10! I wish you could be there with us to experience the elation of being able to give such a joy to the children and the teachers!

Thank you kindly for your precious continuous support!