Ochakov Orphanage, Ukraine

While the trip to Ochakov was total fun, it was a real eye opener to learn of the terribly poor condition of the bathrooms at the orphanage. It was absolutely heartbreaking to think that children had to bath in a space that was no better finished than a dungeon, no hot water and barely any fresh water. No privacy to the toilets and ineffective plumbing leading to perpetual odours. The conditions were no less than inhuman. Grossly underfunded and with no resources to rely on, the orphanage is in a constant state of disrepair. There is never enough money to keep up the condition of the facility and the few dollars that come in are dedicated to emergency repairs to keep the roof from leaking and support beams form collapsing.

I Will swung into action and raised sufficient funds to renovate the washroom into modern day condition. From plumbing to fixtures to tiles and the addition of a water heater, the bathroom was recreated to allow the children to live more comfortably and more importantly, with dignity.

The project could never have been completed without I Will supporters generosity and the tireless efforts of Vladimir Kotov, adding Project Manager to his growing list of titles within the I Will organization.