Nikolaev, Ukraine

Media Coverage from 'Southern Pravda'

An article about the success of I WILL was printed on Saturday January 25, 2003 in Nikolayev’s regional newspaper ‘Southern Pravda’. The efforts of I WILL were widely acknowledged and appreciated by the orphanage management team and by the children themselves.

Here are few excerpts from the Article, quotes of children I Will has helped:

“…Only all powerful love to other people can improve one’s life and one’s intellect”
(Ania, grade 8)

“…I know, I am convinced that one day I knew the worth of happiness. I was truly and really happy. But the truth is, it was a long time ago. I remember very well our home, my parents… Especially my mom – she was so young, so beautiful and so cheerful… This is how I see her in my dreams and don’t want to wake up…I hope to study well and become a teacher. And I will…”
(Yulia, 14 years old)

“…My parents are in jail. I live and study in the school-orphanage. I don’t want to repeat the destiny of my parents…”
(Nastia, 14 years old)

“…When I will have my own children, I will never give them up to the orphanage. With all my might I will care for them…”
(Yuri, 12 years old)

“.. When I will grow up and have my children, I will give them love and make everything possible so that they will never learn the meaning of orphanage. I will have a truly happy family…”
(Natasha, Grade 6)

“.. I will never permit my own family to collapse, I will never allow my children experience the orphanage, because I know how much every child wants to have parental care and be loved by the family…”
(Pavlik, grade 5)

Southern Pravda - January 23, 2003

Southern Pravda - January 23, 2003

The teachers and children of the orphanage expressed their warm-hearted appreciation to the supporters of I Will Association for all their love and support.