Toronto, Canada

On Friday, September 7, 2012, we hosted our 10 Year Anniversary event to celebrate the birth of the I Will Association. 10 years has passed since our first fundraiser, and we were there to raise our toast again. The evening was fantastic and support was outpouring!

As a result, 100% of all planned projects were FULLY FUNDED, and now all successfully implemented! Everyone in Ukraine is elated and deeply touched.

Thank You everyone for believing in us and making such a rewarding journey. You are making big difference!


Tatiana's Speech: 10 Year Anniversary

There is very popular Russian song from the 60th, every kid and adult knows, about little boy who on a piece of paper draw sun’s disk and blue sky and in the corner he signed:

May there always be sun
May there always be sky
May there always be mom
May there always be I

There is nothing more precious and important in child’s life than to have loving mom and dad. Unfortunately not every child has the precious gift of family. And all children dream to have a family. It becomes apparent every time we visit the orphanages.

I Will, of course, cannot substitute a family, but I Will did, can and will bring warmth to children’s days and light , hope to their future.

I Will IS a family of thoughtful compassionate people, who together can make the difference. I Will is a family because my mom and dad’s personal history makes I Will cause very close to heart.

The idea of helping children who lost mom or dad or both, belongs to my mom. My dad, I call him the General of I Will, personally organises, implements all the programs in Ukraine. Both of my parents didn’t have complete family. My father’s mom passed away in 1942, when he was 2 years old and his father was at WWII, as a result my dad spent most of his life in state facility. My mom’s farther also went to war in June 1941, didn’t witness the birth of his daughter in 1942, and didn’t come back to the family after the war. Of course, because of those personal experiences, having I Will just makes sense.

We work directly with orphanages, educators, teaches and volunteers directly to develop plans addressing most pressing educational and environment needs of orphans.

We are improving Education by establishing computer classes in the orphanages (so far we opened 5 such centres) to provide supplemental training in computer literacy, to prepare them to the independent and successful future.

Some orphanages are better than others. Some are unsanitary, posing health risk for children. I Will works to create or improve clean, safe conditions. We also works directly with underprivileged single families and foster homes to improve living conditions and alleviate burden of expensive medical care.

Yes, we are a small group, but being small allows us to manage projects from start to finish without operating cost and witness the impact 1st hand.

To have bright sun shining, blue peaceful sky and loving family, like in the song, is true happiness. And I Will has lots of work to do to fill in the void.

There are so many needs, and I Will is just scratching the surface, but luckily – there are also so many wonderful charities like us, and I Will is proud to be one of them.

From delivering funds for computer assistant training, to building kids playground, to reorganising orphanage library, to helping with medical care – projects are so many, and all of them are such a reward to watch to come to Realisation.

And here we are today… in 2012. Behind us are 10 successful years and and what gives us even more contentment and fulfilment – are these special memories, stories and children’s smiles from the past 10 years, built with help of people like you.

Imagine, what we can achieve in the next decades to come!