Radsad Orphanage, Ukraine

We are so happy to announce that I Will has opened its 4th Computer Learning Center in RadSad orphanage, in Nikolaev region. This is our newest and latest facility that will give many underprivileged kids a great opportunity to learn.

On April 15, we were able to participate in RadSad opening ceremony, via Skype, connected to through of the new computers in RadSad class. Not only seeing the moment when my dad proudly cut the red ribbon to open the class doors, but we also were able to see the one hour concert that all the children have prepared for I Will supporters.

It felt wonderful to be able to extend I Will's help to yet another orphanage in Ukraine.

Below are some photos taken by me during opening ceremony in Skype session on April 15, 2011, and a video of the entire opening ceremony. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Thank you for making THE difference!