Nikolaev, Ukraine

The year 2010 is very special – yet another computer class has opened its doors on May 21, 2010, giving hundreds of children access to computers and Internet for education and livelihood purposes.

Located in the core downtown of Nikolaev, Ukraine, the center is easy to access and provides free classes in computer literacy for disadvantaged children and youth. Educational sessions are held by volunteers of Nikolaev charitable organization Rights for Kids. Other training, also held by volunteers, will include business and entrepreneurship training, employment education and career counselling, for free.

Thanks to the resourcefulness, determination and enthusiasm of Vladimir Kotov, my father and Eugeny Paramonov, Rights for Kids director; access to computer technologies for many more kids has become a reality. Eugeny Paramonov is promoting free computer class services to orphaned or otherwise disadvantaged children in Nikolaev region town centers and villages.

“The interest to the class is growing rapidly”, says Vladimir Kotov. “During my recent visit in November, I saw a long queue of kids waiting outside to get into the class. We need more volunteers.”

Right for Kids is a local Ukrainian charitable organization that helps orphaned children to find foster homes. A newly renovated class room was donated by Nikolaev Rights for Kids and Ukraine Regional Center for Youth Education. I Will has purchased all the necessary equipment and established Internet connections.

Thank you for your generosity, bringing dreams to life.