Yuzhnoukrainsk, Ukraine

2012 had an exceptional start – special delegation, including Tara Macintosh from Canada, visited Yuzhnoukrainsk orphanage on February 23, 2012. It was very memorable event for everyone and double joy because of Tara’s visit.

In November last year Tara and I were on Skype conference here in Toronto participating in the opening ceremony of I Will 5th educational training class in Yuzhnoukrainsk. And only few months later, Tara decided to personally visit the orphanage. Her presence was the biggest thrill for the kids, staff of the orphanage and my father.

Orphanage’s principal, Yaroslava Melnik, an extraordinary woman and leader, has introduced us to the children and their facilities. After that we had an open table discussion with orphanage’s personnel regarding their current challenges and future cooperation. We learned a lot about how I Will computer class has transformed kids lives.

We have recorded video about this trip and everyone took many warm and unforgettable memories home with them.

The newspaper article below speaks volumes about how everyone in town of Yuzhnoukrainsk appreciates what I Will is doing for the disadvantaged children. On the newspaper photo: Tara Macintosh presents kids with fun bracelets from Canada.

Visit of Yuzhonoukrainsk Orphanage, Ukraine