Nikolaev, Ukraine

Modern Computer Class – Hope (Nadezhda) Opens in Nikolaev Orphanage #5

Nikolaev orphanage #5 is the very first orphanage we helped back in 2002. The orphanage had more than 300 kids and that is where the very first I Will computer class was opened. This was the first orphanage in Ukraine to have access to modern technology.

It was a significant moment, 10 years after our 1st computer class opening, I Will brought latest technology to the same orphanage. I Will 6th computer class is now carrying the name of my only dear grandmother – Nadezhda, which means Hope.

My grandmother Nadezhda was very strong and successful woman who not only stoically survived WWII, but also, as a single mother, was able to have a successful career of a railways accountant. She loved children and dedicated all her life carrying for her grandchildren.

I was very happy to be in Ukraine to participate in the opening ceremony!

At the same time we visited a dormitory for younger children at the orphanage.