I Will works in partnership with Canada Helps 

I Will works in partnership with Canada Helps, a charitable organization that provides the software and systems to securely process charitable donations online and email tax receipts electronically in real time. Canada Helps charges a fee of up to 3% of the donation. The fee is matched personally by our directors to preserve our mission of sending 100% of all donations directly to the specific child or project.

Donate now via Canada Helps

We gladly accept cheques if you prefer. Please contact us if you wish to make a donation by this means.

All donors will be able to follow the implementation of our programs and projects on our website, www.iwillassociation.org. Please sign-up to receive updates via email. All donations will be used to further the mission and charitable objects of I Will Association. Your donations can be used for specific purposes requested by you, providing they are in compliance with our mission.

The charity’s financial affairs to be conducted in an effective and responsible manner, in accordance with accepted principles of financial management, accounting procedures, and operational policies. We engage an outside, independent accounting firm to audit our finances on an regular basis.

Ice-cream for the children on a hot summer day!
— Valentina Pluhina, Principal, Ochakov Orphanage
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